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SHOOT CANARIAS Production & Location Services offers full production support services, fit for any project in Spain, specially in the Canary Islands.

Managing & looking for solutions and quick turnarounds have become our best work reference.

We handle support for Photo, video or Feature Film Productions with more than 15 years of experience to clients from around the world, providing reliable and cost efective estimates, along with location references from anywhere in the Canary Islands.

We don’t have a determined structure, so if all you need is a fixer, we’re here to help.

Why shoot in Canary Islands? To begin with, it is one of the places with better climatology in the world (20 to 25 degrees centigrade average).

The Canary Islands are like a miniature continent, including almost any location you can imagine: desert, beach, city, architecture, countryside, roads, lakes, mountains, suburbs, chateaus and amazing interiors… you name it.

With 4 National Parks, 150 Natural Protected Spaces and 4 Biosphere Reserves, the geographic position of the Canary Islands provides us with one of the best places in Europe for summer and spring weather (during the europian winter)

Additionally, our Islands have an excellent touristic offer recognized worldwide. First class International airports, european standard medical services and a huge cultural and leisure offer.

Last but not least, we have important tax breaks for being an European Union Ultraperipheral Territory, from wich our clients can be benefited.