In the Canary Islands, the pandemic has affected much more gently than in the most of European regions. Being islands has helped to control the entry of new variants and has kept the incidence within very acceptable limits.

From 7 June 2021, all those passengers from a country/area that has a SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus risk, must present:

  • a certificate or document certifying vaccination against COVID-19 or
  • a negative certificate of a Diagnostic Test of Active Infection (PCR or Antigen) or
  • a certificate of Recovery after having passed this disease in order to enter Spain.

Quarantine is not necessary, and all of our collaborators provide an antigen test before starting each project. Our company provides all convenient protection against COVID-19 as well as the necessary documentation in case of being asked to justify your working trip in your country of origin.

Thanks to all the measures adopted by our staff and to our high strict protocols implemented by the COVID coordinator that we assign to each production, we have continued working throughout these months of pandemic without having suffered any case of contagion in the workplace, even in projects with more of 200 people.

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Your project will be safe, and in good hands. We are looking forward to seeing you soon.

Official sources: Covid-19 Canarias, Gobierno de Canarias, Gobierno de España